Easter is for Suckers.

I would like to wish everyone a merry…that’s not it…joyous…that’s not it either. I guess it’s a Happy Easter Sunday. Why is it happy, we may never know. I’ve heard something about Jesus forgiving everybody’s sins. Let’s be honest. One guy, messiah or not is hardly gonna cover the shit I’ve done. The amount of dead baby jokes alone warrants at least the lives of two or three pure sinless suckers. One guy, one cross ain’t gonna cover the sins of man. All the sins of man through time. I will however do the honorable thing and raise a glass of egg yolk and toast Christ for trying. *Cheers* On that note Happy Easter you sons of bitches. That is Happy Easter to everyone but those of you who are Jewish. It’s your fault that this holiday exists. Your the ones that decided he should die. Jerks.



1 Response to “Easter is for Suckers.”

  1. 1 headboy March 23, 2008 at 08:25

    How did the Easter Bunny fit Jesus inside all those little pretty eggs…….. must of used a hatchet and a blender

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