You’re an Idiot

So April Fools day has come and gone. If you didn’t notice, you were probably laughed at…many times by friends and enemies alike. April 1st. The one day out of the whole year when you can walk into work, take a big old crap and not flush. When somebody walks in after you and immediately comes running out in horror, all you have to do is laugh and say “April Fools!” If you think nobody got you today, you’re an idiot. You were had at least once today. You might not have noticed. That’s fine. It just proves my theory. That would make it a theorem. If you understood the last two sentences then you are not an idiot. If you just reread them and asked a friend for help, you’re still stupid. Back to business. Seriously, there are two types of people on April 1st. Those who pull pranks, and those who get laughed at. If you didn’t pull a prank on someone, chances are they got you. Wake up people, I’m not pulling punches anymore. If your dumb, I’m going to let you know. Chances are you’re to stupid to realize that you have the mental capacity of a pile of burning tires. Even if you are a complete idiot, next year beat someone else down with an insanely embarrassing prank. For that moment, you will be the smartest person they know. If you choose not to change your path, don’t worry Darwin’s theory will catch up with you.




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