Absolut Fail.

First of all I would like to state that there is no reason to run vodka adds in Mexico. If you don’t know why this is a waste of time and money, I recommend you get up from your computer go into your bathroom and give yourself a swirly. Back to the business at hand. According to the AP, literally dozens of people wanted to ban Absolut. So what. Dozens. Most of the people that now want to ban the vodka probably don’t even drink. So some marketing people at Absolut said yes to a reasonably bad idea that was conjured up by a Mexican add agency. Society as a whole has become so worried about offending anybody that we are all forgetting to laugh.

I don’t find that offensive.
I’m not laughing my ass off.
But I do see the humor in it.
The sadistic side of me finds it even funnier now knowing that something so trivial pisses people off. Hey asshats lighten the hell up. Next time someone farts, laugh. Then run out of the room screaming something along the lines of…”Oh my god! {insert name of person who farted here} just farted and it smells like a week old corpse has been beaten by a trash can full of dirty diapers and rotten eggs then lit on fire.” Gag and cough the whole time. This will add dramatic effect.

Absolut took a risk. It bit them in ass. That’s funny enough right there. Stop being offended by meaningless shit, and start offending people on a whole new level. Next time you see someone do something stupid, don’t just tell them they suck. Tell them they suck at life. Immediately follow that up by flogging them with a rubber chicken.
Cut out the conservative prick attitude and go pay a hooker to shove her thumb up your ass, that should loosen you up at least a little bit. As for me I’m go to get some ice, some Absolut, and some juice. Cranberry or orange, I haven’t decided yet. What ever the case my be I am going to toast Absolut for having the balls to offend people. You should too.



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