More Earff Day Bloopers

– If a tree falls on a hippie and no one is around, does he still smell?

– Al Gore DID in fact invent the internet. Chuck Norris beat it out of him.

– Global Warming may, or may not be a reality. Either way Gore still stands to make some green.

– Biodegradable Toilet Paper is a very nice way to market the worst feeling single ply toilet paper ever made.

To celebrate Earth Day I planted a tree. I drove just about 100 miles round trip to and from the site to watch somebody else plant a tree. I guess I should modify my original statement…
To celebrate Earth Day I polluted the atmosphere.

– Use natural light as much as you can. You can take the money you saved, and go more buy sunscreen.

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to insulate your house properly. If you have an old house that is very drafty, you can always light your neighbors house on fire for warmth in the winter.

Shave the Planet!


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