Alcohol. It’s Not Just for Weekdays Anymore

Well another Sunday has come and gone. I as usual, did not go to church. I went to my own house of worship…The bar. Sunday drinking started back when I used to work in the bar business four nights a week. On day five I worked the day shift. Day five was Sunday. I was done by about 19:30 every Sunday. This meant I had almost a full eight hour shift of drinking time. Even though my work schedule has changed over the years, I still find time to drink on Sunday. Last night was no exception. It turned out to be one of those random nights. Random drunk guy asked the bartender to change the channel to watch a hockey game. No big deal, except for the fact that he said something about wanting to watch the blue rays. What? What the hell did he just say? I think he just asked the bartender to change the channel so he could watch a High Definition DVD format play a hockey game. Who the hell where they gonna play? HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray? Yeah. Last I heard Toshiba forfeit that game.
So now here we are again back to talking about idiots. My colleague and I tried to understand what the hell he was talking about. For those of you who do not follow hockey here a a quick explanation. It’s the Playoffs. There were only two games played yesterday. One of them was at 14:00, the other at 21:00. Being that it was about 21:30 when random guy asked to watch the hockey game, he would have had to been asking to watch the Sharks v. Stars. Neither of these teams sound even remotely like the fictional team he decided was playing. Now maybe he was trying to fit in, maybe he did some good old fashion crack cocaine before he stopped in last night. What I can tell you is that he was for sure an idiot. Can we quarantine these assholes? Why are the dumb allowed to walk among us like everything is fine. All of the Sundays that I have been out drinking could not do as much damage to my mental or physical health as this idiot did in one sentence. The hell with the quarantine, we need to find a way to turn stupid into a weapon. We could annoy the hell out of our enemies with dumb questions and statements that don’t make sense. If we can’t find a way to harness this power and control it, we are all doomed.
I hope you sleep well tonight.


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