Battery Fail.

Marketing. When are you going to get it? You are pushing a movie and batteries. OK, they don’t really go hand in hand unless you have a movie about batteries. But you don’t have that. You have an animated panda that does Kung Fu. I’ll set the scene now. In a large well furnished board room there are a hand full of people sitting at a giant conference table. The room is silent, no one in the room has any idea how to cross promote these two things. Then out of no where someone suggests tossing in a little panda with a package of batteries. Great idea. Everyone cheers briefly, and then the brainstorming begins.
“Do we put in a stuffed panda? No. That won’t work. It has to move. I mean the panda does Kung Fu right?” Everyone nods in agreement and silence retakes the room. The next suggestion is for a little electronic panda. Eventually after some discussion they find it would be to expensive. Further more, batteries not being included is bad enough. Selling batteries with a “free” item that requires batteries seems counter productive. Silence takes over once again. A few moments pass some other idea are served up and shot down in the same manner. Finally there is a suggestion to use a little wind up panda. Perfect. Cheap to manufacture. Everyone agrees the meeting is finally adjourned.
No one seemed to notice the pure stupidity of placing a wind up toy in a package of batteries. That is the marketing equivalent of selling condoms with a sample of HIV. Alright, it’s not that bad. It is however still stupid. Yet again, there is another failure in advertising. The first wrong move was made when trying to cross promote items that have no need to be advertised together. I know the battery company has a little bunny. I guess they just figured that the bunny was almost a cartoon. Fail, it’s taking over the world.


1 Response to “Battery Fail.”

  1. 1 Chris June 20, 2008 at 09:29

    Cross-Promotion is a marketing tool that will never go away. Because two marketing executives from two different companies making two different products are always going to see cross-promotion as a win/win situation. Nobody gets hurt and more often then not it might raise awareness of both products to a whole new group of consumers. So think about it, all the kiddies that like/love Kung-Fu Panda might be inclined to purchase Energizer batteries in the future. It seems stupid but as you know from writing this blog, people are stupid.

    But on the plus side Astroglide did have a successful ad campaign cross-promoting with the DVD releases of Deliverance and Brokeback Mountain.

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