Giddy Up.

So a little while back I posted some stories about a camping trip I went on a little while ago. From what I can tell from the stats, this was a failure. It was a long post that apparently nobody read. I understand this. I have the attention span of a dead goldfish. So I now present to you, the shortest, funniest story that came out of the whole entire trip. I only do this because you greedy bastards can’t feel good about yourselves unless you can put somebody else down. So here it goes…On the ride up we pass business band radios out to the caravan. No problem, innocent enough. That is until we pass a horse farm. Over the radio comes a request to drive back to the horse farm during the weekend to ride horses. Fine. Still nothing is that out of the ordinary. That is until I start cracking jokes about riding horses. All of the sudden over the radio I hear this statement, “I love fucking horses.” I turned to the driver, laughed and responded by saying, “You love fucking horses? You’re sick, you horsefucker.” And with that a nickname was born. I now have a friend that is referred to as ‘horsefucker’. Beat that assholes.


1 Response to “Giddy Up.”

  1. 1 Headboy August 17, 2008 at 15:52

    Crispety, Crunchety, Peanutbuttery, Dead Fetus

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