China. Pisses off everyone except pedophiles.

I have been struggling with this one from the moment I first caught the story. I am sure that by now if you haven’t even seen a glimpse of the Olympics, you are still familiar with this story.
The Chinese Government replaced a little girl that could sing, with a little girl that could pretend to sing…but was apparently more appealing to the eye. I guess this is news because we haven’t been exposed to this kind of government action…Well that could be the reason. It could also be the fact that people just find it appalling to submit such a young child to a insult that states, “We don’t give a damn if you can sing. You’re not attractive enough to represent China. We have found a cute little girl that can pretend to sing. She will be your replacement. But hey, look at the bright side. This new world friendly China has decided to let you live out the rest of your life as an ugly outcast.”
That seems to be a more likely reason why people are angry. It might just be because it was a little girl. Had she been an adult it might not scar her for life. Whatever the reason, people are pissed. They are angry. They are sighting this as another reason why the Olympics shouldn’t have been held in Beijing. I however see this in a different light. Now I know tourists were kept out because the Peoples Republic of China denied entry, and there are issues with Tibet, but I see this as an opportunity to learn about these primarily secluded people. So far this is what I have learned. The Chinese Government is run by pedophiles. With all of the crap going on, one of their main concerns was putting cute little girls on TV.
I have nothing more to say.
I’m sure they will be sending a Chinese Assassin after me for what they will probably refer to as a ‘unforgivable insult’. So that being said, if you don’t see anymore posts…That means the bastards got me.


4 Responses to “China. Pisses off everyone except pedophiles.”

  1. 1 Headboy August 13, 2008 at 17:58

    Is that why the girls gymnastic team is made up of 12 year olds who all seem to have passports that say that they are 16

  2. 2 are you retarded or just chinese? August 13, 2008 at 21:13

    actually i am surprised at your response sir… if you think that replacing an ugly chinese girl for a cute one is offensive, then you must have forgotten all those memorable internet clips wev’e watched in the past.. shall we take a trip down memory lane?

    chinese girl+eels+funnel+asshole
    chinese girls+fingers+throw up+kissing
    chinese girl+giant shears+blowjob+shaved head
    chinese girls+any kind of food+digestion+shit+brown fingerpaint

    and these are just the ones that stay in my head like a sick mini movie from the school library

    face it the chinese are way more advanced socially than we are
    we cant even have the word “tits” on out tv because it might scar little johhny or little susie for life
    these people routinely challenge their offspring to be better faster stronger and if they’re not they dont get their fucking ice cream cone and a puppy anyway.. they dont get shit! (well some of them on the internet do!)
    anyway i say fuck it if your ugly get the fuck off my tv i got ugly people to look at all day and i dont even work at walmart
    just wanted to share these thoughts with all of you
    now go out and grab for the brass ring
    just dont slip and get your finger stuck in you own brown ass ring!

  3. 3 Floss August 14, 2008 at 10:14

    Fuck China. Hard. All 6.7 billion of them.

    And fuck all the fucking fucks over here that have made us – a “superpower” – totally beholden to them.

    Go with me on this:

    If the USA is the popular-quarter-back-homecoming-king-date-raping-jock, China is the really rich, really smart asian kid that does all the jock’s homework and knows all the jock’s secrets and therefore the jock may never ever fuck with him because the asian kid could ruin his life at any time. Even though he is a pedophile who is using his lunch money to help his little angry friends plan to blow up the school.

  1. 1 Olympic Wrap Up « insultants Trackback on August 31, 2008 at 07:44

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