Politics Make Me Angry

Before I get down to brass tacks I would like to make a note about the last post. Olympic Wrap Up represented a milestone for both the Insultants and myself. Post #50 was published with little fanfare and excitement. None the less, it was a milestone. Granted, it should have been achieved a long time ago. What else can I say but, procrastination rules. Now with that done, on to bigger and better crap.

Politics. An election used to come once every four years. Now it seems that a three ring circus shows up instead. Now I am not going to pick sides or candidates. I am equal opportunity. I’m going to make fun of everybody and everything that comes to mind. In no particular order. Now like most of you the Republicans have left a bad taste in my mouth and a empty gaping hole in my wallet. Well, Bush and his bitches did that I guess. Now I’m not really anti Iraq war because I can understand the few good points. Saddam is dead. Now I’m sure most of you can agree that he was a giant wart on the face of this slowly melting planet. Hmm…I guess that’s the only good point I can think of at this moment. Shit. Well I guess I’ll just move on. I’m gonna jump to the Democrats so I can spread the love, or hate, or whatever the hell this will turn out to be in the end. The Democrats showed all the world how not to handle a primary. I just can’t see what they thought they could have possibly gained by dragging that fight out. And then we go back to the Republicans. What the hell where they waiting for? I lived in Arizona for a while. I think McCain is great. I don’t know if he’ll be good as President. In fact, I don’t even know if he’ll live long enough to take office if elected. Now if I had been living under a rock for the past eight years and was just informed about what was going on, I could guarantee that neither will do any worse then W. Yes, I know that is as obvious as pointing out that fat kids like to eat. I just needed to say it out loud. Now for the twilight zone part. Obama = Change. Obama also = Minority. AKA the new guard. Biden = Old guard. Now flip the coin over. McCain = Old guard. Now I know he is one of the most Democratish Republicans that they got, but that’s not enough to sway most opinions. Palin = Young guard. Palin = Minority. I’m starting to see some signs of life from the Republicans. What’s that you say? The rather unknown Governor from Alaska is shrouded in scandal…No crap. They had no choice but to pick someone that would cause a major media frenzy. Even after the Democratic Primary was over the general media has shit all over coverage of what the Republicans are doing. So Palin’s daughter is 17 and pregnant. They live in Alaska. What the hell else is there to do at age 17 in the frozen tundra? I would assume not much else. Now back to the other camp. Maybe it’s because Biden is kinda close to me geographically, but he doesn’t impress me. He doesn’t have some exemplary record that makes him an ideal VP. This is somewhat off topic, but when the hell did everyone decide Ted Kennedy was awesome? Oh my god, he almost died. Wake up America. He didn’t almost die saving a bus full of kids from catching on fire and flying off a cliff. He isn’t an instant hero. In fact, as far as I could tell most people thought he was a douche. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I still do. Back to Obama. I still have no concept of what he thinks he can change. In the long run, maybe. His first priority will be to counter attack the eight years of crap that preceded him. Good friggin luck. He shouldn’t be campaigning for change, he should be campaigning for miracles. I’m fed up with the whole damn thing. I’m fed up with politics. This two party system is a crock of shit. Since I have had the right to vote, I haven’t found one single person that I actually want to pull a lever for. I certainly wouldn’t hang a chad for any of these folks.

I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m going to put my vote up for sale. The first person to kick George W. Bush in the balls and then proceeds to tell him that he got “owned,” Will get my vote in 2008. The person that is willing to do that has to have a level of integrity that we haven’t seen in politics in years. In fact, I’ll extend that to a good old cock punch. Either one will do.


3 Responses to “Politics Make Me Angry”

  1. 2 KMac September 6, 2008 at 19:34

    “I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m going to put my vote up for sale. ”

    Sorry Stro, missed the boat on this one. you could have gotten more for it a few years back in Flordia

  2. 3 insultants September 8, 2008 at 11:46

    Would have been a waste of money. They didn’t actually count any of those votes. They wrote some numbers on a cocktail napkin and proclaimed a winner.

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