The Future is in Your Incapable Hands

I’m not talking about voting in the upcoming election. No sir. I’m moving beyond this political nightmare that has taken over every news channel. I’m going to move ahead a few years.
It has occurred to me, on more than one occasion, that I would never be able to run for public office. Not that I have ever actually wanted to, but what it made me think about was this: As a child, hopes and dreams come and go. Ideas and thoughts change with age, education (or lack there of…idiots) and even environment. Most little kids don’t want to be a politician at the age of five. Or even twelve for that matter. But now with things like YouTube, bloggers and Myspace, running for office fifteen years down the road might mean you have to explain why you shot your neighbors windows out with a BB gun while you were drunk, and underage. Personally, I have made a conscious effort to not censor myself. Since I am not, or do not care to be some sort of public figure. All I have to worry about is if my current or future employer can separate work and personal space. Oh, and probably would have to have a sense of humor. Reporters spend so much time digging up dirt. Now, all they have to do is open a web browser. The future is going to make the Clinton pot smoking scandal look like child’s play. The hell with the recession. Gas is up. The future may be grim. But one thing is for sure, election coverage is only gonna go down hill from here. Maybe one day this will eventually lead us to the ultimate presidential candidate. The average person.
Well, I may not be a kid anymore but I can still dream. And laugh. At myself and others. So since laughter is said to be the best medicine, I’m gonna find some videos of a potential future senator getting kicked in the balls by his best friend.


9 Responses to “The Future is in Your Incapable Hands”

  1. 1 thesarabond September 25, 2008 at 14:43

    oh, and the ‘we’ in the above statement is the other 98% – i have a pretty good feeling, most of us clear the top 2%.. phew!

  2. 2 greyskied September 25, 2008 at 22:39

    ok so theres a bill on the plate to spend 700? Billion Dollars, theres only 350 million of us … wait had to do the math … thats 2 g’s for everybody even the little tykes! take them out of the equation and thats probably enough to get most people out of debt or at least seriously fucked up so they dont have to think about their debt … hey wait … if enough junkies and other random drug addicts get that much dope they might just OD and then think of all the great jobs that would become available! Strow you just might get that oval office with a new intern every day, or you could just buy some new guns and run for president of the NRA… bacjk to the 700 Billion… if we stop spending 1 Billion a day on T.W.A.T. ( the war against terror ) we could add that money into this fantasy scenario! on a side note: remember the idea i had to open up “Smash-a-rama” where you go into a room and break shit for a fee? well somebody in San Diego did it! its called “Smash Shack” look it up. you get to throw shit against the wall and break it WTF I’m not sharing any more ideas with anyone!

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