Biting the Hand that Feeds

So here is a little more Fail for all of you out there. First to get tossed into the guillotine: Genius in iTunes. This Fail has already been well documented. On various occasions it has suggested ridiculous music because it found a band that had a similar name. Yeah that’s what I would call genius. Just give up on following things like the genre and stick to names only. The other portion of Fail is when you own everything by the artist. The genius still suggests that you are missing about five songs from said artist. But wait, if I own every album, singles included, why would I need to buy more songs from iTunes? Oh yeah, I forgot. I do have a copy of the song from the CD I bought, I just don’t have the $0.99 copy that iTunes could easily resell me for no apparent reason. And then ask if I want to display duplicates. This all comes down to dollars and cents. Genius was an upgrade, or replacement for the mini store. But it was an upgrade that was meant to boost sales. I voiced my opinion, both good and bad.

Dear iTunes marketing and development,

I applaud your effort to boost sales. I also am glad that you shot the mini store in the ass. But please, just because I didn’t buy these rights management filled audio files from you in the first place, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it now because your genius swears it’s not in my library. Please have someone run over your genitals with Segway.

Thanks in advance,
Your Mom

Now along the same lines, and even closer to home. WordPress. Seriously, the related post thing is awesome in theory. The reality. Well, the reality is Fail. Maybe not all of the time. I see it work well in cases. It doesn’t really work for me. My random acts of babbling and insanity become very hard to match with relating articles. For this, the related post feature gets a rating of…Let me check with the judges. OK, with a 5-4 decision returned by the judges you get a Fail.
I can’t wait to see what posts are related to this one.


1 Response to “Biting the Hand that Feeds”

  1. 1 thesarabond September 26, 2008 at 19:09

    i love Fail, but only cause it makes me laugh. other than that, fail is just that, FAIL, which sucks cause i have to deal with it. may i toss into the guillotine:

    Facebook + People You May Know = Fail.

    in theory this could work, but it doesn’t: it suggests you become friends with people you have never met, usually college friends of a friend you are friends with but never went to that college so why would you waste your time being friends with them? plus, if they were HOT or had a somewhat decent photo, even if you click on their profile, it’s not like you can find out anymore info so that maybe you would want to be friends with them. So, at this point “people you may know” you don’t and have no way of knowing if you want to know them = Fail.

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