Fossett Found!

Well, his remains…OK, OK. Random pieces of his plane have been found. And parts of his wallet. Reading the article gave me a new idea. You tree huggers are gonna love this. If your not familiar with an early post about my stance on environmental issues please click here before reading on.
Fossett unknowingly invented his own brand of green funerals. Here is what I’m thinking. First you die, then a memorial service is held in your honor, or dishonor. Whichever one you would prefer. Next, we load you toxic chemical filled body onto a plane. The plane takes off and heads for a remote mountain location full of hungry animals. Your body is then covered in rabbit piss and dropped out of the plane. It could be deer pee if you would like. Your now smelly, lifeless body will be inevitably eaten up by predators, thus completing the cycle of life. Oh yeah, and the plane we use will be really fuel efficient. I mean it. What, to soon to make Fossett jokes? Get over it. They declared him dead in February. Oh yeah, this should make PETA happy too. We’re feeding their precious children. Then maybe the bears won’t eat live hikers. Well, they can still eat the weak ones. We don’t need them anyway.


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