The Economy is an Asshat

With the importance of a looming, possibly world changing election, I only have one thing on my mind. I sure hope the Phillies win the world series. I have been affected by this economic mess. I started my own retirement fund a few years ago. Low return, but it has been steadily increasing in value. Until this last statement. Between two separate funds I lost only a measly $300.00. So lets see…I am now out three and half tanks of gas. My other investments in the stock market also took a hit, but I have a few things that have been on a slow and steady decline for some time now.
Everybody keeps telling me that this may be the most important election in my lifetime. Is it wrong that I have no desire to vote? I just figured that my cynical side would be overpowered by the gravity of the situation. And it was. Temporarily. My usual discontent is being overshadowed by the same reason that plagues me every four years. I am not a democratic, but I have liberal tendencies. I am not a republican, but on occasion I am know to draw up a conservative view or two. So what do I do? I have mulled this question over for years now. I am going to stand up and admit that I have not voted in any presidential election to this day. Now before you start crying to me and say some crap like this, “But if you don’t vote you ruining the system.” I call bullshit. I don’t vote because they haven’t put a person in front of me I want to support. Our political system can go take a long walk off a short pier. But alas, that won’t do me any good. There is a giant yacht at the end of the pier where some senator keeps his stable of hoes out of the public eye. I guess it’s not as bad as some other countries. I mean at least we don’t have rigged elec…DAMN IT! I forgot about Florida. I hate politics. This post is making me angry. So I’ll do what most Americans do in this situation. Drown my sorrows in Alcohol. And I won’t even feel bad about it, because it is currently 12:11. The hell with work and responsibility. I’m day drinkin’ today. I’m gonna go stimulate some hot waitress’s economy. You can read into that however you so choose, I know most of you got the innuendo. If you missed it, punch yourself in the face…Because you’re and idiot.
So there you have it folks, another random spattering of Monday induced angst. I hope your week is nothing but uphill from here.


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