Tales from the Sharp Side

It’s story time once again kiddies. I have been saving this one, waiting for the right incident to lead off this pile of work related injuries. Today, while removing some old cable TV lines that had been so poorly installed, I cut myself. I would say it wasn’t to bad. But by the amount of blood that came out it probably wasn’t good either. I have a problem. I have the right tools within arms reach, but for some reason I always find myself cutting wire ties with a razor blade. This has caused some little nicks and cuts. It is also know to cause gushers. Enter Headboy. We were doing a job for the boss, it was half lighting, video and audio, and half flowers, furniture and fabric. Believe me when I tell you this: We are good with the lighting, audio and video. We have no problem moving things, hanging heavy things and making things work and look cool. The furniture and shit, now that’s a different story. We had assembled some make shift benches out of truss and fabric, the best way to secure them was with large wire ties. I found a method that seemed to work. At the end of the show Headboy proclaimed that he was amazed at how I got those benches secured. He then proceeded to try and get them apart. I hadn’t planned for this. Cutting the wire ties became no easy task. While in an extremely awkward position, the blade slipped and ended up in his arm. Gushing blood was taken care of with fabric. White fabric to be exact. It was everywhere (both the fabric, and the blood). We were using fabric to cover up all of equipment. After trying to tell us it was no big deal, he was driven to the hospital. No major issues, he was back in a couple of hours.
Now for the grand finale. Hi Mr.Hand how are you today, you look fine. All in one piece and such. And Mr. Table Saw you look good with your nice sharp blade that isn’t covered in blood from Mr. Hand. I think by now if you don’t already know the story, you already know the outcome. Big Steel Toe decided one day that cutting things like wood, plastics and metal just weren’t as exciting as cutting something that would bleed. So, he tried his pinkie. Needless to say, the pinkie didn’t fair so well. He has since recovered, and he has also cut his opposite hand with a meat cleaver. Now I know it seems like this really doesn’t have a point, besides making fun of myself and other people. But, I do have a point. I have a very good point. I saw the X-Rays of BST’s hand. Clean slice. Very little bone left. And even before he told me what the doctor said, I knew it. Good thing that was a sharp blade. I recognized it, and the doctor told him that he was lucky that it was still attached. So I leave you with this. Accidents are only funny when they happen to someone else. And never use dull tools. Because if you find it necessary to cut yourself while working, you want to make sure it is a clean cut. Doctors all across the world agree, those injuries are usually easier to fix.


8 Responses to “Tales from the Sharp Side”

  1. 1 big steel toe November 5, 2008 at 09:04

    You are all welcome for the laughs and the learning experience. Glad I could help.

  1. 1 bulletin board ideas for may Trackback on September 24, 2014 at 00:42

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