I have a confession to make. I have been drinking way to much lately. October baseball has given me both a reason to drink, and enough work to afford all of that drinking. Last night after the Phils game we all needed to cheer up. We were given a wonderful opportunity. One of the regulars decided he was going to throw candy at the person sitting to my left. By default, or actually, by a ricochet I became involved. He happened to have thrown a peanut butter cup. The bartender volunteered to place it in front of mechanics for the beer cooler. Great, now I don’t have to sit on it for ten minutes to warm it up. With the peanut butter cup nice and warm, it was placed on the forehead of the man that threw it. Owned. What started out as a simple harmless joke, was once again turned into a situation where we found it necessary to take it to the next level. I know some other completely random shit has taken place, but it’s still in a fog. As the details come in from a couple of sources and a few eye witness accounts, more random stories will be sent into the aether for your enjoyment.
Go Phils!


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  1. 1 kmac October 25, 2008 at 10:33

    One of the better “how did it come to this?” nights in a bar that I ever saw was in Allentown, PA. A group of friends, of whom I knew only two, were having a long night at the bar. Two started talking shit more than normal (Beware anyone named Riley, I have found). They managed to convince the cute bartender to clear off the entire bar and pour vegtable oil down the entire length.

    These beer-soaked sods then removed their shirts, walked out the back door and one by one tried to see who could belly-flop slide down the length of the bar further. Highlights included one guy sliding off the side into the speed rack and another guy leaping on to the bar at the one dry spot left and skidding to an INSTANT and painful halt. This continued for at least 40 minutes, and never stopped being funny, not even for a second.

    But none of these beer-bellied bar atheletes could actually reach the end of the bar, until a skinny kid (who no one knew) decided to have ago at it. This 150lb kid slid all the way down, and off, the bar. He went another 4 feet before gravity took over and sent him crashing though 2 tables, thus making him the Big Winner and Big Loser of the night.

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