Aim Low

Before I continue, I have a confession to make. Usually when I weigh in on a topic plucked straight from the news, I do some research first. This time, I did not. This is all I know. Plaxico Burress went to a night club and got shot. The next day I found out he shot himself…In the nightclub…With his own gun. I am assuming he was carrying it for protection. Some one should protect him from himself. I believe in the Second Amendment, but I also believe in Fail. A gun has a safety for a reason. If you are going to stick a loaded weapon in your pants, learn how to use the safety. Better yet, learn how to properly handle a firearm first. For example, for those of you unfamiliar with guns, they make holsters specifically for carrying a concealed weapon. Oh yeah, they also make permits for that too. If you think going to a club would be dangerous, why don’t you just go somewhere else. Carrying a gun is only going to get you into a gun fight. Or so I thought. I guess it could also lead to you getting arrested. For shooting yourself. I can’t stress enough how important gun safety is to the population. I learned how to use a gun at a very young age. As a child I was taught how to shoot, and how to handle a loaded gun. I have never shot myself or anyone else by accident. But yet again, I wander from my point. If going out for the night makes you think you should arm yourself, STAY THE HELL HOME. If you have a choice to keep yourself out of harms way, exercise your right to make a reasonable decision. I’m gonna have to stop. The amount of idiocy is making my head hurt. So I will leave you with these gems here.
Gun safety Fail.
Being your own bodyguard Fail.
Commonsense Fail.
Legally carrying a firearm Fail.

I finally understand why the NFL has some many rules that their players have to follow off the field. It’s to protect them…from themselves.


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