Advertising Strikes Again

I first want to give props to Burger King for their latest ad campaign. Interesting idea. Very creative concept. But for some reason, I was not convinced. So against my better judgment, I actually visited their site. Yes. I watched the whole slightly under eight minute clip.
Now, I think this ad campaign is a flame broiled piece of shit.

They did actual taste tests with some of these people that have no idea this type of culinary item even exists. Watching the video is more like watching a documentary. They were so proud to introduce burgers to these people.
I’m sure they were overjoyed when their burger came out on top. I however am enraged. If there was one thing I would like to share with a world that has no idea about our culture it would certainly not be fast food. That warm piece of crap on a bun is not a hamburger. Fast food should have it’s own classifications. You can’t tell me you are going to find someone that has never had a burger before and hand them a Whopper or a Big Mac. That’s a joke. These poor villagers still have no idea what a burger tastes like. They now know what cheap beef patties on crappy rolls are, but not an actual hamburger. Oh, I almost forgot. Congratulations BK, for your win. You just beat another equally disgusting excuse for a burger. You should be so proud. You sent a film crew around the world to get away from not only your competitors ads, but your own. Just to make an ad. How in the hell did this concept get approved in a board meeting? Whatever, I made my head hurt trying to figure this one out.
After they conducted their taste tests, they went into these places to share their burgers with everybody. This is where I lost it. At about four minutes, the guy is describing how Anthony made some arrangements to get a portable version of the the flame broiler made. Holy shit. They made a portable version of a machine that can flame broil beef! I can’t wait till the next time I tailgate a game. I’ll finally have something to cook with!
Idiots. The guy seems almost awestruck that they have a portable propane powered grill. Now I understand that it is a replica of BKs actual grill, but he makes it sound like such a leap forward in engineering.
The end result of this experiment? Now we have the power to make obese children in every country, not just our own.


2 Responses to “Advertising Strikes Again”

  1. 1 KMac December 18, 2008 at 08:42

    “the guy is describing how Anthony made some arrangements to get a portable version of the the flame broiler made.”

    This epic achievement of science can be accomplished by unhooking the fucking thing from the exhaust stack (elapsed time 45 secs), place on cart, roll…

    I see a potential Fullbright award winner…

  2. 2 bigsteeltoe December 31, 2008 at 11:15

    All out fail, I am dumber now thanks

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