Another day, another dollar…Wait, where did that dollar go?

Well, here we are again. Another Monday. Happy Hanukkah. Winter is now technically in full swing. For those of you living in places like the northeast, you have already been experiencing winter. You probably also are appalled by the fact that Sunday the 21st is the official start of winter. It’s been cold. It didn’t get cold yesterday. After I get done writing this, I’m going to burn my calendar. First of all, because I’m now angry. Second of all, it will help keep me warm.
Now Christmas is upon us. I an few days Christians will be celebrating the birth of JC. How? We give each other stuff. But not me. For Christmas this year, I’m giving out I.O.U.s. Why you ask? Not because the economy is is the crapper, but because some lazy fuck decided that instead of trying to work for a living, they would charge shit to my debit card. Awesome. Not only do I have to buy gifts for people I know, but now people I don’t know are using my money to buy shit for other people I don’t know. My bank was just as comforting. They tell me it should take a few weeks to get my money back…up to sixty days. Even better. Merry Christmas hard earned cash, I’ll see you next year. On top of all this, they actually overdrew my checking account. So not only do I have to wait to get my money back, but I then have to return to the bank and ask someone to ask a supervisor to help me get back the overdraft fee, which was not my fault. On that note, I’ll move on to something else just as messed up and depressing. I have been to two Christmas parties this year. I know what you are thinking, this story should now take a turn for the better. It will, but not for long. Christmas party number one. Possibly the coolest party I attend every year. It’s a mandatory girls in skirts, guys in ties party. For lack of a better term, it’s a formal. A bunch of people get together in a small apartment and drink to much. Everybody has a good time. This brings me to party number two. Party number two was just about the same minus a dress code. Except for the fact that party number two almost ended with a domestic. I have no desire to say anymore. Since I’m not sure how it started, I’m not at liberty to publish details. Besides, it wasn’t even close to what I would consider fun. So I leave you with this…It’s Monday. No matter what happens, your Monday will probably be much better than my weekend, especially if you’re Jewish. Again, Happy Hanukkah.


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