More Spilled Hobo Blood

Please read this article from before continuing.
Man to go to trial for hobo murder.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going to go with this. Well, me too. Then I was given some clarity when I read this related article.

The hobo assassin was in fact, a hobo himself. This has to be in direct violation of the code. I am also faced with another dilemma. The hobo victim is a local. There has been a name attached to the body, and not some stupid hobo name like Stinky Sam. A real name. A real person has died. Well, a real hobo. Tim Bradly was dead long before that fateful day in 2007. He died the minute he decided to leave his loving family and a budding roller hockey career behind to join the ranks of wandering smelly idealists. He did in fact, join this society willingly.

This is bad. I didn’t realize the extent of this pox on society. For years I have been worried about the growing hobo population. More and more people are willingly becoming hobos. Hobos have now evolved. Society has glorified this putrid way of life to the point where people want to become hobos. Do you know what to call a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc?
Well, I do. It’s called a cult. Yes, I said it, and I will stand by that statement. Hobo life has been upgraded to cult status. My plan of eradication now destroyed. For every hobo will be turned into a martyr. I could focus my efforts on reeducation. I just don’t have the manpower, resources, budget or time for a reeducation plan to have any degree of success.

But, I already have a solution. Hobo civil war. I need to send in operatives to infiltrate the muck covered society and destroy them from the inside out. I need to train the ultimate hobo solider. Someone, who will turn the hobo code into a thing of the past. Someone, with such an inferior intellect, that it won’t be obvious they are trying to destroy this horrid society. Someone, that has proven before that they can not do anything right. I need George Bush. Only a Fail of this caliber could execute my plan. If that doesn’t work, I will revert back to plan A. Total eradication.


2 Responses to “More Spilled Hobo Blood”

  1. 1 sad January 12, 2009 at 16:18

    Tim was my teammate and a good friend. Drugs Suck!!

  2. 2 Headboy January 12, 2009 at 19:03

    In death, hobos have a name… his name was Robert Paulson

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