Balance has been restored.

There has been a lack of weekly meetings lately. There has also been a lack of work. Most of my stories draw from a very fundamental activity. Human interaction. Last night an unofficially official INSULTants meeting was held/drank. What does this mean to you the reader? It means we do still care about your feelings and more importantly, finding new ways to hurt them. The cast of characters included a new unemployed Headboy (Your gonna love that story), Big Steel Toe, The Village Idiot, Swirl, Son of a Bitch, Son of a bitch’s mute girlfriend and of course yours truly.
I wish I had video taped that meeting. I did capture some very poor quality audio. If I feel like editing the hell out of it, you might get a piece of the action. If not, you’ll get the good old fashioned transcribed version. A good amount of offensive ideas were brought to the table and the possibility of starting an ongoing series is high. But for now, I am hungry, noon is approaching and it feels like one of those days when I should drink my lunch.
In closing, I am not by any means slowing down. In fact 105 posts in, and it feels like I’m just getting started.


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