Nice Pic

What can I say about about Phelps?
Nothing. He was taking a hit. Good for him. He’s got all kinds of medals and records. Let him relax.
In the bigger picture his two main sponsors Omega and Speedo have opted to continue their support of Phelps. Now if these companies aren’t worried about a little THC in their golden boy, why should we? As far as I can tell the corporate meeting had to go something like this:

PR Guy 1: Excuse me sir.
CEO Guy: What do you have for me?
PR Guy 2: We have a problem.
PR Guy 1: It’s Phelps sir.
PR Guy 2: A British magazine ran a picture of him doing something illegal.
CEO Guy: This is not good. What was he doing?
PR Guy 1: Sir, we are already on damage control, he has already apologized.
CEO Guy: But what did he do?
PR Guy 2: Well…They have a picture of him taking a bong hit.
CEO Guy: What? That’s it? Oh thank goodness. I thought you were going to tell me they had a picture of him doing lines of coke off of a transvestite hooker’s ass.
PR Guy 1: What would you like to do sir?
CEO Guy: Nothing.
PR Guy 2: I’m not sure I understand sir.
PR Guy 1: We are going to have to do damage control. We may have to pull our sponsorship of Phelps.
CEO Guy: Over a bong hit? I don’t think so. What we should do is have him come by my house when he gets back in the states. I just got a good batch of Purple Haze that is out of this world.

Next time you celebrate 4:20, take a hit for Mikey. I’m sure he would appreciate it. And while you’re at it thank both Omega and Speedo for joining the ranks of those who get it.

For real marijuana resources, visit these sites:
The Radical Writ
Change. Marijuana laws.




1 Response to “Nice Pic”

  1. 1 em February 6, 2009 at 10:34

    michael phelps on the cover of a weedies box has been cracking me up all week.

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