I am a Slacker

So there has been a lack of updates lately. This has to do with my lack of creativity. It all started the other day when I got arrested. Now I have no problem telling that story, but since I have a little over a week before the court date, the ending is yet to be written. Now for those of you who happen to reside on the stupid side of the fence, the ending is very crucial. Now I’m not saying that the beginning and the middle aren’t as important as the ending, but seriously, without and ending there really is no story. This brings me the topic of music. Music can have the same type of structure as a story. A beginning, a middle and an end. Now there a few exceptions to that rule. They are called jam bands. They have mastered the art of playing a twenty minute songs that are about 90% middle. Weird. Somehow it works for them, and their masses of unwashed fans. If someone out there can explain to me why this works please help me out. I know if I wrote a story that was all middle I would be laughed off of the internet.
Sorry for the randomness, I should be resuming my pseudo daily posting in the near future.
Be on the lookout for more random crap that wouldn’t cut it anywhere else. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. In honor of my lack of anger, please insult someone you don’t know just to ruin their day.
That is all.


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