When it rains…

So if you were to consider me a blogger, I would be sleeping with the fail whale right now. I have always been able to keep you the reader informed of all the mayhem, death and destruction on a somewhat normal basis. I have been lax in that lately and I am truly not sorry. I have a backlog of drafts that need to be completed. As I finish these I will rain them down upon you with the same amount insanity you have come to expect from my posts. Having recently returned from another trip to the mountains, I have some more good camping stories. Some to be accompanied by video of me jumping up and down on a cable spool that we threw into the fire pit. But for now I leave you with this:
There once was a man from Nantucket.
His wife gave him a big bucket…Hold on, I bet you know that one already.

You know what? The hell with this, it’s Monday and it’s raining.
Suck it.


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