The Insultants are a highly qualified team of assholes who attend a weekly meeting that has become known as “Thirsty Tuesday” (Thirstdee Tuesdee).

After more than two years of meetings, it became apparent that each one of us, in his or her own right, is a genuine asshole, but together, by harnessing the “ass-holy-ness” each individual brings to the table, we form the biggest bunch of assholes you would ever have the displeasure of meeting.

Our mission: We have developed a niche market through the determination that some people simply do not possess the gift to offend others. Initially, the Insultants set out as a “nickname consulting firm,“ hence insulting consultants, which remains an avenue we wish to pursue, however our team of “bad doers” have so much more to offer. Here you will find postings of real-life experiences with a sketchy sick twist. Enjoy!

To better help you understand our point of view I should probably mention that the majority of our team is comprised of stage hands and scenic/lighting designers, with the exception of one photographer, one glass blower, one brew master, and one very bitter I.T. guy.


When you need to offend more people in less time.

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