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Important Survey

Let’s see how this turns out…

Insanity Strikes Again

Last week and this week have been a little busier than usual. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not registering a complaint. I’m just neglecting you net surfing types. For this, I apologize. Here is my formal letter of apology. I recommend that you print it out and read it aloud at work tomorrow. Or print out multiple copies and turn it into wallpaper.

Dear Faithful Readers,
I regret to inform you that shit has gone down. I don’t mean the economy. Stuff has just been happening at a fever pitch for the past week or so. Some good. Some bad. Some really good. Ah, the hell with you. The more shit that is going on, the better chance there is for me two witness something that makes me laugh, or even better yet, angry. So here is the deal. I don’t really feel bad for you, and I’m not sure I should even apologize. That being said…I am retracting my original statement. I am not sorry. You’re just going to have to deal with my apathy.

In the interest of not alienating the rest of you, here is a little something to keep you occupied for about five or six seconds.
Warning! User interaction required!

Oh yes, the day has come. WordPress now has the ability to add polls directly into posts. This will give me the ability to dump the inner workings of my messed up personality to the world…And see who agrees with me. This is gonna be fun.


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